About Restorative Exercise™

The Restorative Exercise Institute is a facility dedicated to the Biomechanical Model of “Preventive Medicine.”


Created by biomechanical scientist Katy Bowman, the Restorative Exercise educational program comprises a series of self motor-skill evaluations that serve as indicators to healthy muscle activity, joint articulations, and proprioception. The Biomechanical Model of Preventative Medicine is based on physics, physiology, anatomy, and engineering and simply states that all-over muscle use is a manditory requirement of human health.


The modern lifestyle has, unfortunately, reduced our neuro-muscular patterns to a fraction of what they should be. The result is a decrease in our natural, reflex-driven processes of regeneration, leaving us a population who physically damage our bodies with every step that we take. Many common, expensive ailments (known as diseases of affluence) are a result of poor motor skills and can be corrected through diligent practice of simple movements and a bit of body re-education.

Most medical and health practitioners are not physicists or engineers. So the mechanical contribution to disease has been largely overlooked in medical research as a cause of foot issues, low bone density, cardio-vascular disease, and joint degeneration. Yet any engineer will recognize that HOW a machine is used will dictate HOW the machine wears down.

From 2003, the Restorative Exercise Institute in California served Ventura County’s private and medical communities by offering science-based, educational and movement programs as well as private and group sessions. Results of practice tend to be so transformational that word-of-mouth has spread the program from a local community into a worldwide phenomenon. Restorative Exercise Specialists can be found in Australia, Canada and several countries in Europe, and include doctors, nurses, chiropracters, midwives, physical therapists, massage therapists, and others with no prior healthcare background.


The Restorative Exercise Institute is now an online training facility, at www.RestorativeExercise.com.


The Restorative Exercise Institute - Pacific Northwest ("REx-Northwest") has been opened to provide a space for professionals, and advanced students of Restorative Exercise to attend training seminars, or to completete the in-person requirements for RES certification.


In addition, REx-Northwest serves the local community around Sequim, Washington, by offering classes suitable for all ages and abilities. Check the calendar for class times this month.